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person - rank 1

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PostSubject: Site review   Site review EmptyThu Jul 12, 2012 8:38 pm

Not being a troll or anything, but this site needs some heavy improvement. From the perspective as a community user it seems that little is organized and a decent amount of content is blocked. 1/For starters all the links & image uploads are only available for administrators, that is not community friendly. 2/Second the theme & design of this site is hard on the eyes, it leaves lots to be desired and is missing some image files for topics. 3/Third there is so little content on this site it will be hard to start up, you will need to have a few professional developers before you start a community because until the population grows you will need staff members to make server tutorials, answer server help questions, and all other tasks.

I like the idea of making a community like this, but it needs LOTS of work. And should be updated daily to keep community interest. Just a few pointers/heads up on the whole situation. If your serious about this community, then you read this topic from A to B. If not then, try to correct the problem and start from the top. (not offending you hopefully, just informing you).

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Site review
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